Senin, 28 Juni 2010

3D Animation

Animate your imaginations and see them getting real; 3D is at your service. Now get your website talking, moving and communicating with the out-of-the-box 3D animations! Build your own message conveying style and make a distinct position in the crowded world of Internet.

We, the leading 3D animation company, bring to you 3D modeling, 3D graphics, 3D floor plans, walkthrough animation, character animation and thousands of other animations under single roof.

Our team of expert 3D animators uses the most up-to-the-minute 3D technology for embellishing your website and gluing visitors for long!

Defining new genres of 3D Animations
We have a great team of Creative People who have power of Imagination! Mastering the art of illustrations, they can precisely display your thoughts and concepts as you perceived.

We offer you great range of affordable 3D animation services giving you plentiful options to choose from:

3D Modeling: This is the best way to illustrate your plans and concepts for your products. Visualize each and every curve and edge of your product with our 3D modeling services. Product showcasing, games, accident reconstruction or any other project, our 3D modeling is the best option to get it done.

Walkthrough Animation: Take your visitors into your imaginations with our most modern walkthrough imaginations. Show and explain how your concept appears from interior view. For Constructions, engineers or interior decorators; walkthrough animation is the most excellent tool to lay stone for their project.

Character Animation: Demonstrate your projects or else with a unique character created on own! Real time lip and body movement, expressions and very much lively, our character animation is simply great! Have a unique host of your website with our most entertaining animated characters.

What makes us different!
We have long list of global clientele as our 3D graphic and animation services are based on the local marketing and customers' mindset.

Along with high-tech animations, we believe in Creating Successful Websites.

That means our animations and 3D graphics interact with the visitors reading their psyches so that they seem relevant and have much more remarkable results! Maximum and repeat clicks are some of the common outcomes that our clients enjoy with our 3D animation and graphic services.

* Use of the most advanced software and animation tools.
* We provide Custom Animation that means animation according to your choices and specifications.
* Easy to interpret, entertaining and interactive! Visitors' interest is kept in account throughout the animation.
* High Quality and Resolution. Fast moving presentations instead of dull and static image presentations.
* Ability to carve any complex ideas and concepts.
* Wonderful time management. We complete any complex project in the stipulated period of the time.
* We charge the most nominal rates in the industry!

Our track record in animation services has been simply phenomenal! Ceaseless updating with modern enhancements and technological developments, we outstand among our contemporaries. Now it's your turn to get modern and be part of the 3D animation boom. Have the most exhilarating 3D websites right away; we are just a call/click away!

Kamis, 24 Juni 2010

3D Animation Company

3D Animation Services include 3D Graphics, Character Animation, Models and Logos. For Oil and Gas, Architects, Interior Designers, Inventors for Prototypes, Medical, Industrials, any companies needing 3d Animation, Modeling, Presentation or Video production.
3D Graphics & Character Animation Company in Houston, Texas

3D graphic animations including animated 3D models are a great way to bring to life an idea or design that is still on the drawing board or just difficult to describe with words. 3D animations can make visual that which is invisible or hard to conceive. You have a chance to preview and experience your vision before a major investment is made to produce the reality.

Houston 3D Studio will provide you exactly what you have imagined. We will try to bring more life to your product and bring it more to reality using 3D technology. We are experts in architectural, character animations, prototypes, and interactive and industrial 3D products. Over the years we have made a name for our work. We have gone to build some of the most complex structures in architectural field into 3D. Our clients have always been satisfied with our work and we keep working until they are fully satisfied. We deliver what our clients want and keep striving to reach perfection.

Call Houston 3D Studio at 281-914-4381 or use the Contact Form to get the 3D Animation Services you need NOW!

Why Houston 3d Studio?
- We are committed to quality with years of

- We have the resources necessary to
accomplish any project.

- We strive to remain on time and under

- We invest time and effort to keep up to date with the latest technologies and practices.

We want to make our success, your success. Visit our project showcase to see our latest work. Our staff will be happy to work with you and takes your project needs seriously.

Rabu, 23 Juni 2010

An Introduction to 3D

3D models are created by manipulating polygon meshes and molding them into objects, characters and scenes. 3D art is used in everything from print ads, Web sites
, television, movies, video games and beyond.
So, what does it take to be a 3D artist? Well, obviously, you must have an eye for art. Most people who begin learning 3D have some kind of background in drawing and sketching. It's not unheard of for 3D studios to hire artists who have no experience in 3D, based solely on the strength of a pencil drawing portfolio. Sculptors, who were previously limited to animatronics and claymation (clay animation), also tend to make an easier transition to 3D.
Even if you don't have formal art training that goes beyond the few classes you took in high school or college you can still do great work in 3D.
A 3D Artist must have following qualities:
1. Patience. Many beginners unfairly compare themselves to established artists possessing years of experience. While it can be a great motivator and a valuable source of inspiration, 3D art is a diverse subject, requiring dedication and practice. Some say that 3D is like Go, the ancient game of strategy: it takes minutes to learn, but a lifetime to be master.
2. Detail. 3D artists tend to have a strong background in computers, compared to non-digital artists. Experience in computer programming is common in 3D circles, though not required. 3D artists need to have an eye for detail, be resourceful and self-sufficient.
3. Hard work. If you want something easy, pick up a pencil and paper and start drawing. 3D art isn't nearly as immediate with results. One can spend, hours, days, and even weeks perfecting a 3D model before ever moving onto texturing, animation or final renders. 3D art is unique in that it can require a broad array of skills, from drawing to acting, to successfully bring together a finished piece. The payoff is that 3D artist are perhaps the most sought-after creative workers.
4. Willingness to accept criticism. Eventually you'll feel motivated to submit your art for review by other artists. 3D artists can nitpick like no one else in the world, so be prepared to have even the slightest error pointed out to you in exacting detail - especially if you're attempting to create anything realistic. If you intend to work in a studio one day, your ability to accept criticism will be crucial to the overall success of the team.

Senin, 21 Juni 2010

- Photoshop - Creating Matrix Effect

Today, we'll show you another photoshop trick. How to make the matrix effect.
I hope you all watched movie matrix, or at least will recognize what matrix effect is after looking pictures below...

1. Let's Start by creating new 200x200 pix picture.

2. Press 'D' to restore background colors.

3. Now, create the new layer. (you can do this by hitting Shift+Ctrl+N)

4. Go to "Filter->Texture->Grain" (from main menu bar), and apply settings as follow:

5. Next, add some neon glow, by going to "Filter->Artistic->Neon Glow" (from main menu bar), and apply these settings:

6. Now go to "Filter->Brush Strokes->Accented Edges", and apply settings:

7. Click OK, and there you have it. Matrix effects picture.